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JOE SNYDER Women Andros Kini

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The Andros Kini offers any woman the ability to feel sexy with a minimal style that shows off all of their curves and accentuates their butt. Featuring a small triangle of fabric on the back that help bring your partner's eyes to the perfect spot on your body and just enough coverage in the front to keep your most intimate areas hidden away, you will find that you feel sexy every time you step into this pair of panties. You can choose between twelve colors that are meant to please both yourself and your partner. The Andros Kini is the perfect item to keep packed away for those special times when you want to offer your partner a little something special and different. Plus they are small enough to pack anywhere without your partner ever noticing them. The Andros Kini is something that everyone will love owning and comes in a one size fits most made from Polyamide and Spandex Lycra which ensures a snug and secure fit that is perfect on your body. You will love this choice and anyone else that sees you will love your choice too.
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